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May 10, 2018

Well, Smashville, it's here. The Predators face off against the Winnipeg Jets tonight in a game 7 throw-down. Of course, winner moves on, and the loser goes golfing. But, we all knew this. It's a game 7 and almost every one predicted this series to go 7.

Your Nashville Predators finished atop the NHL with 117 points, but right behind them was the Winnipeg Jets in 2nd place with 114 points. Nashville only won one more game than the Jets in the regular season.

This series has literally had it's ups and downs, for both fans, but it couldn't be a more even series. We break down some stats of when these teams are even strength, and I think you'll fall out of you chair listening to them. Hopefully you're not driving and listening :)

We make some bold predictions (Even some ridiculous ones...I won't mention any names... Herbie) and prepare you for Game 7 tonight.  Tune in and follow our contributors on Twitter!