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Mar 29, 2018

After a 3 game slid, the Nashville Predators are back in the win column Smashville. There's no reason to panic! We answer some fan questions regarding this and give insights as to what the Preds need to do to accomplish the ultimate goal, Lord Stanley.

Tolvanen watch is in full swing! Herbie Brooks and Charlie McCoy discuss this guy's skills and what kind of impact he will have going down the stretch. David Poile will probably want to be careful, because if he ends up playing 9 games, he could be snagged by Seattle's expansion draft. If he doesn't play 9, then he's not eligible.

The contest for Stanley Cup Playoff Tickets continue with the winner being announced on next week's show! Tune in for details on how you can have a chance to win! Be a part of history!

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